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GRN in Southern Africa is an evangelical ministry helping Christian workers, evangelical churches and missionaries to reach the non-reading community with the gospel of Jesus Christ, by supplying them with:

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  1. MP3 and CD audio programmes
  2. audio-visual discipleship programmes

All our audio-visual materials are ideally suited for cross-cultural evangelism in more than 65 languages of Southern Africa.

Click here to find languages spoken and recordings available in South Africa.

Promote GRN Southern Africa! Brochures are available explaining the mission and vision of GRN SA. Click here to download brochures for sharing and printing.

Email for any inquiries re languages recorded or more information about GRN materials.

Resources to Promote GRN Southern Africa

Promote GRN Southern Africa! Brochures are available explaining the mission and vision of GRN SA. Download for sharing and printing.


Donate to GRN Southern Africa

Contribute to the work of GRN Southern Africa through a donation.


GRN Southern Africa - Field Reports

Read what is happening on the field in Southern Africa.


Sunday School Curriculum

Sunday school manuals based on "Look, Listen and Live" picture series


Contact Global Recordings Network - Southern Africa

Contact GRN Southern Africa


South Africa News

Read what's happening with GRN South Africa


GRN Southern Africa Projects

You can help GRN Southern Africa in the task of "telling the story of Jesus in every language". Read about our current projects . . .


Presentation about the work of GRN

Oral societies, non-literacy and the missionary task (PDF 3.8MB)


Good News Partners

Bible Media develops products, and ministry and study materials in conjunction with churches of various denominations.


Do you communicate the gospel effectively?

Everyone planning an evangelism outreach, first needs to determine where on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs the target group is.


How GRN helps spread the good news of Jesus

(Video 1:30) Lulu comes from a small village with no Christians. They speak a minor dialect, and don't yet have the Bible in their language. So how will Lulu find out about Jesus?


GRN Personnel and Coworker Profiles

Meet the people working in Southern Africa to create and distribute GRN materials.


Order GRN Resources

GRN SA partners with other organisations to distribute the good news.


Verwante informatie

GRN Southern Africa - August 2015 - Winter Update: A very busy outreach season * Repairs * Administration * Recordings - Michael's solo trip * An exciting new project for children

GRN Southern Africa - June 2015 - Autumn Update: Picture books with AudiBibles in Mozambique * 1st program; new language * Field feedback * Recordings - Michael and Deon head out * News of players: the new Audiobible, testing the Kulumi and the Envoy S

GRN Southern Africa - February 2015 - Summer Update: Planning for the year ahead * Work in Malawi * Testimonies from the field * The man behind Tumi Tiger * GRN materials being used in the field

Thanks for Good News!: Thank you letters pour into Good News Media's office from all over Southern Africa, from people wishing to express their gratitude for the wonderful work which GNM donors have made possible.

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