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GRN Bible Picture Clipart CD

The Bible Picture Clipart CD contains all the pictures from GRN's picture books

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Good News - Picture 24
Look, Listen & Live Book 1 - Picture 2

The Bible Picture Clipart CD contains all the pictures from the "Good News", "Look, Listen & Live" and "The Living Christ" picture series.

There are a total of nearly 300 different Bible pictures.

The images are in two formats:

1. Black & White line drawings

These TIFF format images can be printed up to A4 size at 300 DPI.

These are suitable for creating worksheets, or illustrating black & white Bibles and booklets.

2. Full Colour images

These JPEG format images are brightly coloured 900 x 600 pixels resolution.

These are suitable for use on computer in the form of slideshows, powerpoint presentations, and even simple videos. They are also suitable to print up to A8 size at 300 DPI.

Other content

The CD also contains a range of evangelistic and Bible story scripts, and an index of scripture references for all the images.

Included with the CD is a limited royalty-free license to use the images for your own ministry, provided they are not distributed for profit. If wider use is required, apply to GRN Australia.

Higher resolution colour images are also available from GRN Australia for particular purposes such as printing in larger formats, creation of DVDs with extensive panning and zooming, and production of slides.


The Bible Picture Clipart CD is A$29 including shipping anywhere in the world from GRN Australia (order online here) or from many other GRN centres.

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