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Intrinsic to the ministry of GRN is the use of all sorts of audio and computer equipment:

  • Portable recorders such as reel-to-reel, Digital Audio Tape, laptop computers, hard disk and minidisk recorders, and now also solid state recording machines.
  • Digital editing systems on computer, for putting programs into final form ready for distribution.
  • High speed duplicators for copying recordings onto cassettes, CDs, or other media.
  • Playback devices including our own hand wind cassette players, as well as CD players and solid state playback devices.

All this equipment must be serviced and maintained by skilled technicians. Much of it is used in harsh environmental conditions and remote locations. In our larger centres there is sufficient equipment to warrant permanent maintenance personnel. Our smaller centres and field operations need technicians who can visit them for routine and emergency maintenance. For many of our locations, there is simply no local support available.

Where: Countries in Africa, Asia and South America

Who: The team can be a mixture of short term volunteers and full time mission personnel. Many centres also need more permanent staff.

Skills: Technicians are needed to evaluate new developments, give advice on equipment to meet particular needs, modify commercially available gear, or develop specialized devices to meet the unique needs of GRN's ministry.

Both electronic and mechanical skills are needed to keep all this equipment functioning properly. Computer skills are also needed to support the equipment used for digital editing, language research and translation, and administrative functions.

There is also a need for people who can provide training in all these technologies at various levels.

Why should you go: We need people who are motivated by the Lord to use their skills to help spread the gospel to those who haven't heard.

If you want to find out how the Lord can use your technical skills - either short term or full time - contact GRN Australia for more information.

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