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Welcome to the GRN Website! Here are Five Things You Should Know About GRN:

What does GRN do?

GRN produces audio recordings of bible teaching in 6,222 languages for the least reached language groups of the world.

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Can I listen to or download a recording?

Most of GRN's recordings can be downloaded for free from our website for you to distribute to your friends. Or you can listen right here.

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Why does GRN use Storytelling?

GRN believes that storytelling is a most effective way to communicate biblical truths.

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How can I get involved?

Join our prayer team. Volunteer your IT skills. Go on a short term mission. Donate or leave a bequest. Help translate our website. The ways are endless.

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How is GRN funded?

Are you curious about how GRN gets its money, or considering making a donation?

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About GRN - International Director Graydon Colville

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What's New

People Accept Christ in West African Outreach: GRN shared the gospel in a four day outreach in west Africa, where 102 people prayed to receive Christ.

Resources for Short term missions: Resources for short term missions in over 6,000 languages and dialects.

5fish Help Topics: Help with using 5fish on your Android phone

Global Recordings Network Myanmar: There are more than 100 languages spoken in Myanmar. Only about a dozen have scriptures.

Daily Prayer Alert

Outreach to Refugees: GRN France is organizing an outreach among refugees fleeing from Boko Haram. More...

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