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GRN Australia Financial Information

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Global Recordings Network Australia is a non-profit missionary organisation. God is the source of all we need, and he uses various channels to supply our needs. Our main 'strategy' for raising funds is to bring our needs to the Lord in prayer. We do not make appeals for funds.

We are thankful that God moves the hearts of his people to give money to enable us to carry on the ministry. We are also thankful that God has provided us with some investment income which contributes towards meeting our financial needs.

Through our monthly news and prayer diary, and other appropriate means, we inform people of the financial and other needs of the ministry. We invite our praying partners to pray with us for God to meet those needs, and we explain how people can contribute. It is also our desire to honour God by testifying to his provision.

As a service ministry, the mission generally supplies its ministry resources at or below cost.


All donations to the mission are receipted and acknowledged with a letter of thanks to the donor, unless the donor says a receipt is not required.

Financial reports are presented bi-monthly to the Board of Directors. Every year the financial statements are audited, presented to the Corporation at its Annual General Meeting, and submitted to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. GRN Australia meets all requirements of financial accountability from Missions Interlink.

Information about the mission's finances can be obtained by contacting the office.

Support for staff

Membership of the mission may be full-time or part time. The mission does not pay a regular salary, but does provide an allowance of up to half of a target support level. Members are expected to cover the other half, usually through a team of financial supporters. Gifts designated for the support of staff are receipted through the mission and passed on in full to the member at the end of the month. No administrative levy is taken out of this amount but some money may be paid into the member's superannuation fund.

The Board of Directors receives no remuneration whatsoever.

Support for the ministry

Apart from members support, gifts to the mission can be designated in any of the following ways:

  • General funds
  • Work or staff in a specific country
  • Special projects
  • Gift materials
  • Where most needed

All gifts are receipted, acknowledged and used according to their designation. Undesignated gifts are put into the general fund.

Approximately half of the mission's income (other than that designated for members) is used for the ministry of Global Recordings centres overseas, primarily in the Pacific, Asia and Africa. These gifts

  • support national workers,
  • contribute to local office expenses,
  • provide equipment for recording and editing,
  • pay for rent and building costs,
  • provide training for national staff,
  • supply resources like hand wind audio players, CDs and cassettes, and audio-visual materials,
  • help with distribution and outreach programmes.

We thank God for allowing us to contribute so significantly to the ministry worldwide.

The balance of expenditure covers operations in Australia and by Australian staff overseas.

Information about specific projects or funding needs is available on request.


Donations to the mission, or its staff, may be made by cheque, credit card, or direct deposit. Please indicate if you would like your donation to go to a specific project or missionary. Donations are not tax deductible.

Cheques should be made out to Global Recordings Network Australia, and sent to our office.

Credit Card payments can be done securely online, or sent by post, phone, fax or email. You can also request that we take regular payments from your credit card. We handle American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

To process your payment we need the Card Number, Expiry Date, Cardholder Name and Amount. For payments by post or fax, please also provide a Signature.

Direct Deposits can be made into our bank account through internet banking, or in person at any Westpac branch and many other banks.

The bank details are:

Branch:Hills Industrial Estate, Castle Hill NSW
BSB No:032-388
Account No:22-2860
Account Name:Global Recordings Network Australia

If the payment is for a specific purpose (such as a donation designated for a particular person or project, or the payment of an invoice), or you wish to receive a receipt for the payment, please indicate this on the deposit, or contact us to let us know the details.

If you wish to make payments regularly we can provide you with a numbered deposit book. This allows us to identify who has made the deposit.

Foreign cheques are acceptable in most major currencies (for example US dollar cheques drawn on a US bank) but we do incur significant exchange costs and fees. Alternatively, you can purchase bank drafts in Australian dollars.

Telegraphic transfers can also be made from most countries. Use the account information listed above. The SWIFT code is WPACAU2S.


Bequests are a great help to the ministry. You can obtain more information on how to leave a bequest to GRN Australia here.

If you have any questions, or would simply like to talk to someone about leaving a bequest to GRN Australia in your will, please call our Sydney office.

Unless specifically requested, 20% of all bequests are usually designated to our 'growth' fund.

Other ways of giving

Interest Free Loans can be made to the mission for any amount. These funds are used to generate income for the mission. The loans can be repayed to you at any time, usually on a week's notice.

Gifts in kind may also be useful to the ministry. Articles that are often of benefit include motor vehicles, furniture, computers, monitors, software, stationery and office supplies.

Financial Principles

In all our dealing with funds, we hold to the following basic principles.

  1. God is the source of our provision and we give him the credit for it.
  2. Crucial to God's provision for our needs is our obedience to his directions and priorities. What God initiates, he will sustain.
  3. Prayer is the intrinsic and dominant strategy for the provision of our needs. We may invite people to pray for God's provision for our needs.
  4. We do not ask for funds. This however need not preclude the making of needs known in appropriate ways and situations.
  5. Money should not become the focus of our promotion or deputation.
  6. We avoid manipulative techniques or hinting in an attempt to encourage people to give.

Wills and Bequests through GRN Australia

Another way you can support GRN financially is through a bequest.


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