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God is doing amazing things!

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The taxi drivers who accepted Christ

A young team from Flagstaff, Arizona sees God at work in Nepal

"God is doing amazing things!" So writes one of the Flagstaff team. "Souls are being opened to the gospel and a light is bursting forth. I have never seen anything like it before. I wish you all were here so I could tell you in person but all I can say is the prayers of the saints are being answered and lives are being transformed.

"Barnabas, the GRN Nepal director, gave our taxi drivers, Krish and Chitra, a tape in Nepalese. They listened so intently and kept turning up the volume. Then when it was over they played it again. They said, 'If the people in our village heard this, how could they not believe in Jesus?' Chitra had never heard the name of Jesus but he had met Christians before and said he saw a difference.

"After Barny talked to them in depth the next night they came before the throne of God and became His children! It was so amazing! I saw their faces and it was pure joy! God is raising up people from every nation. Krish and Chitra said that they will play the tape every time they have passengers."

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